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Born in Boston, I have lived in Phoenix, AZ for over 20 years.  My late husband, Stephen, who co-wrote MALIGNED was also co-Salutatorian with me at Rio Salado in 1995.  MALIGNED is the first of four novels set in the near future, at a time when genetic scientists have rid the world of the problem of aging and mortality. 


My new book was released in April, 2012, and I am already excited about my readers' response because MALIGNED is the first of four novels that I wrote with my late husband. It takes place at a time when people don't die of natural causes. Genetic scientists have unlocked the key to an endless lifespan and have even been able to turn back the clock. MALIGNED is about our future, a world where no one ever dies, at least not on purpose.


MALIGNED Available now

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MALIGNED is available on Amazon Kindle along with other ebook versions on Smashwords. Nook is also available.


This novel is indeed a work of love.  As many of you know, I wrote it with my late husband, Stephen, when his body was failing him, but his mind and wit stayed faithful. He wanted to write about a time when research scientists had the answers that were needed so that we didn't have to die.  It is the first of a series and I believe that anyone from young adults to us baby-boomers will enjoy it. I hope that you'll give it a read, or get it for someone who loves action/thrillers with a little romance thrown in.


Again, you can order a copy immediately from the publisher before it hits other markets:



Congratulations to Brian, Ashley and Sarah, all of whom won a free copy of MALIGNED through Goodreads.  Please go to Goodreads at to see reviews.



If you, like me, LOVE good fantasy, I wholeheartedly recommend "Cargon: Duty & Sacrifice" by Kimberley Gould. It is available on Amazon, Smashwords, or upon order from your favorite bookstore. In my opinion, this sequel is even better than her first book in the Cargon series.

MALIGNED is different because you don't have to be a vampire, angel or demon to be immortal. You just have to be like you and me.

Futuristic thinking can be pleasantly contagious. Personally, my favorite site is .  This site is run by  Tom Lombardo, Ph.D., and Co-Director, Jeanne Belisle Lombardo, M.A.  Also, please enjoy the entries on their blog:  It is such a pleasant surprise to learn that mysteries held by the future are not fantasies after all.


The Martin Sisters

released MALIGNED in April, 2012.


If you have always wanted to ask me something, now is the time to go for it!

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